Diseases & Treatments

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Acute Appendicitis


The appendix is a tubular structure attached to the cecum just below the point where the small intestine opens in the large intestine.

Inguinal Hernia


An inguinal hernia is a swelling in the groin area caused by protrusion of abdominal contents, including intestines, into a sac or a cavity. This can be present on one side or on both sides. Surgery is the only modality available to treat this condition. It can be done by either open method or laparoscopic method.

Spina Bifida Meningomyelocoele


Spina bifida and Meningomyelocoele is a birth defect of the spinal cord. This problem is a result of defective development of the back bone and occurs early in pregnancy. The nerves of the spinal cord bulge out of this defect and lie exposed. Treatment is both surgical and medical.