Research Section of IAPS

Research Section of IAPS 2012-2014.


Convener:     Dr AN Gangopadhyay

Secretary :   Dr Shilpa Sharma

Treasurer :    Dr N C Bhattacharyya

Founder member : Dr GR Prasad


Executive members 2012-2014


North:    Dr HPS Miglani

West :   Dr Praveen Mathur

East :    Dr Subhasis Saha

Central : Dr Sandesh Parelkar 

South :  Dr Manoj Joshi


Previous Executive Committee 2009-2011


Convener : Dr N C Bhattacharyya

Secretary : Dr G R Prasad

EC members  2009-2011:  Dr SK Biswas, Dr Ashish Waklu, Col MM Harjai, Dr Sudhakar Jadhav, Dr Narendra Are

For membership contact :

The Fourth Annual Conference of the Research Section will be held on 28th September (Saturday) at Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, Varanasi.

Organizing Chairman: Prof AN Gangopadhyay.